August 25, 2017

Weight Loss

We have the Ideal Protein diet, and we have gone one step further to ensure your success. We have coupled the Ideal Protein diet with the Cryochamber, Hypervibe, Infrafitx Bike, and the Jade Sauna.

The cryo chamber works in the following ways for effective weight loss. The first is a boost in metabolism. The second; you will burn from 500 to 800 calories every session in the cryo chamber.

The jade Sauna is lined with smooth Jade stones and Infrared lighting. In each session you will burn up to 600 calories, while tightening the skin and improving skin tone. The Jade lining will detox.

The Infrafitx Bike has been used in Europe and Canada for years and is an excellent weight loss tool. The recumbent bike is surrounded by infrared lights. As in the Jade Sauna, these lights improve skin, and burn calories. You can burn up to 1000 caloris in a 40 minute session.

The Hypervibe is the last on the list, but definitely packs it’s own punch in weight loss effectiveness. The hypervibe is an exercise plate. This plate comes with a touch screen display that walks you through a full body workout while the plate is vibrating. With the vibrating plate, your full core and leg muscles are engaged in every exercise, creating maximum exercise benefit.

Come see us today, and Jen will create an Ideal package that works best for you.