August 22, 2017

Ideal Protein

In short, the ideal protein diet is a meal replacement ketogenic diet. This diet has been designed by doctors and used around the world for over 20 years.

Here are some of the highlights:

Ideal protein has over 60 meal replacement foods to choose from. It ranges from ready-made drinks, puddings, chips, bars, soups, wafers, etc.
There are 4 phases aimed at helping you achieve your weight loss goals and then to help you keep the weight off. Phase 1 – Weight Loss, Phase 2 – 14 Day, Phase 3 – Pre-Stabilization, Phase 4 – Maintenance
This is a ketogenic diet. This diet will help your body burn fat instead of carbs for fuel during the day.
Many studies have been done over the years to show the benefits of a ketogenic diet on people with type 2 diabetes. Most recently a study done in 2017 found the ketogenic diet outperformed a conventional, low-fat diabetes diet over 32 weeks in regards to weight loss and A1c. In 2013 a study found that a ketogenic diet can lead to more significant improvements in blood sugar control, A1c, weight loss, and discontinued insulin requirements than other diets.
Since it is a ketogenic diet, the meal replacement foods are full of proteins to help maintain muscle mass, which maximizes fat loss.
Weekly visits with our weight loss coach to answer questions and help encourage you to achieve your weight loss goals.
Weekly body analysis scans with the InBody. This will help track your progress. One of our clients was frustrated that he had only lost one pound one week. After doing the scan, we showed him that he had gained two pounds of muscle, two pounds of water, and lost 5 pounds of fat. In one week, he lost 5 pounds of fat! He went from discouraged to excited.
Here at Frost Fit, we encourage our clients to also utilize our stated of the art equipment to help detox and burn extra calories. The Cryochamber can help you burn 500 calories, the Jade sauna can help you detox and burn 600 calories, and the Infrafit bike can help you burn even more fat and up to 1000 calories in just 40 min.

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