January 6, 2017


Frost Fits serves the Las Vegas and Henderson community by delivering 7 cutting-edge ways to recover faster and improve your health with the Cryotherapy Chamber, Jade Sauna, Hyperbaric Chamber, Infrafitx Bike, Ideal Protein, Hypervibe, and Cryo Penguin.

Frost Fit is a one of a kind location that brings multiple state-of-the-art pieces of equipment that can help you recover faster, lose weight, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, pain reduction, enhance mood, improve sleep, detox, improve skin health, improve stamina, increase metabolism, and burn calories.

We are very excited to bring all of these cutting-edge machines to the Las Vegas valley. Professional athletes and celebrities have been using Cryotherapy, Infrared therapy, and Hyperbaric Chamber therapy for years, and have been reaping the benefits. We are proud carriers of Ideal Protein, we have coupled this protein-rich ketosis diet with Cryotherapy and the Infrafitx Bike for optimum weight loss and effectiveness. Let us help you lose the weight, and keep it off while improving your overall health and metabolism. Let us help you recover and detox with the Jade Sauna.

Our clinic is owned and operated by two trusted Dr.’s in the community. Dr. Norman and Dr. Larkin have been doctors in the Henderson and Las Vegas Valley for 13 years. They are looking forward to helping people recover from injury, trauma, and surgery faster and more effectively. All of the equipment was chosen for their holistic approach to health, wellbeing, healthy weight loss, and fast effective muscle and brain recovery.