January 8, 2017


Our state of the art cryotherapy treatment is unlike any other in the state of Nevada. Unlike our competitors, our treatments provide -110 degree Celsius cryotherapy to the entire body, including the head and shoulders. Making it a more complete and thorough treatment in decreasing inflammation and optimizing recovery.

Also in our office, unlike our competitors, when you receive the treatment you will be surrounded by air and not nitrogen, making it a much safer treatment.

The treatments last 2-3 min and your skin temperature will drop 30-45 degrees F. This decrease in skin surface temperature in such a short period activates the central nervous system to make multiple “systemic” responses. Your body will immediately release endorphins and enhance circulation. These changes result in pain relief, mood elevation, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Benefits of whole body cryotherapy:

  1. Relieve Chronic Pain

  2. Reduce Joint Pain

  3. Relief of Acute Pain

  4. Speed Recovery From Exercise

  5. Improve Sleep

  6. Speed Post-Surgical Healing

  7. Lose Weight

  8. Increase Sports Performance

  9. Reduce Stress

  10. General Wellness

CRYO 10 Key Points Explained

The 10 benefits of whole body cryotherapy explained.

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Fatigue From Exercise Studies

Steigerung von Muskelkraft und Leistung durch Ganzkorperkaltetherapie -110C uber 1,2 und 3 Minuten.
Krioterapia ogolna w medycynie sportowej.
Whole -body cryotherapy in athletes.

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Painful Joints Studies

Ganzkoerperkaltetherapiein einer Kaltekammer mit Temperaturen um -110C, Zeitschrift fur Physikalische Medizin, Balneologie.
Whole body cryotherapy in rehabiltation of patients with rheumatoid diseases – pilot study.
Zastosowanie temperatur kriogenicznych w medycynie i fizjoterapii sportowej.

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Tendonopathies Studies

The effect of whole-body cryostimulation on lysosomal enzyme activity in kayakers during training.
Does cryotherapy hasten return to participation? A systematic review.
Cryotherapy in sports medicine.

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